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Specialised translation services from German, French, and English into Italian

a team of Italian translators who make their specific skills available to those who need specialised translations from German, English, and French into Italian, covering a wide range of technical and specialised sectors.

The team has 4 professional native Italian translators with fifteen years of experience in providing technical translations for various industrial and commercial sectors and literary translations

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About us and
what we do !

  • Ivan Mondo

    DE, EN > IT

    Ivan translates from English and German into Italian, gaining extensive experience especially in the latter language combination in various specialised sectors, like technical-industrial, dental-orthodontics, medical, marketing and automotive sectors, just to mention a few. During these years of experience, he has also gain considerable experience in revising texts and in managing the leading CAT programs for computer aided translation currently on the market.

  • Angela Pagani

    DE, EN > IT

    Currently collaborates with various translation agencies and direct clients, both in Italy and abroad (Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom). Angela deals with translations and revisions from English and German into Italian of technical texts (machine tools and white goods manuals, hardware, software localisation and websites), medical and dental medicine, as well as documentation in the marketing, telecommunications, illumination, finance, legal, logistics, and transport sectors. She is capable of using the leading CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation)

  • Francesca Polistena

    EN, FR > IT

    Has collaborated as a freelance professional with several agencies, translating technical texts (machine tool and white good manuals, hardware, software localisation manuals, and websites), professional training courses or commercial press materials in the marketing sector, telecommunications, and fashion. She is capable of using the leading CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation) like Trados, Passolo, Idiom, and Wordfast.

  • Alessandra Torchio

    EN, DE > IT

    Alessandra started translating texts in various sectors, from technical to commercial, from marketing to contracts, from German and English into Italian, for various translation agencies both in Italy and abroad. Beginning in 2002, she has added the translation of literary texts to the many services she offers, more specifically non-fiction for Italian publishing companies and, since 2005 she has taught in several language schools


Our client base

The team is a competent, serious, and reliable partner for specialised translation and revision services for Translation agencies, Small and mid-sized companies, Private and individual clients

the mission makes an ideal partner for these potential clients of translation services in that they are capable of satisfying the four essential needs that our team members have found to be the most common during their many years of experience

Team work for large projects

Translation agencies and companies may need to entrust translation products to groups of translators in order to manage them in as short a time as possible.

High-quality and affordable costs .

The users of translation services are mostly small and mid-sized companies that may need to resort to high-quality services while limiting the relative costs.

Punctuality and quick turn-around

Our team is well aware that the agency's punctuality and the company's readiness depend on both punctual delivery and on the translators' quick turn-around to help client companies maintain their competitive edge.

Flexibility and streamlined procedures

In support of Small and private business that may need brief translations to be managed with skill, flexibility, and with simple procedures


Consistency with reference documentation


Optimal management of the translation memory


Coherence and reliability of the technical and specific terminology for each business sector

How we work

The quality and professionalism of the service offered by the team is guaranteed by three fundamental conditions: specialisation, adequate IT support, and expertise.


Specialisation. The team is specialised on a linguistic level, having decided to focus exclusively on German, English, and French and mainly translating these languages into Italian, and on a technical level, concentrating on specific technical sectors in which they have a consolidated experience. Furthermore, for each of these sectors, one expert contact is available within the team. The sectors of specialisation are:

  • technical (industrial machinery, IT devices and office equipment, automation, and various industrial systems)
  • sales and marketing (contracts, correspondence, business and product presentations, catalogues, marketing strategies)
  • medical and dental (medical apparatus, scientific publications for the dental sector, dental equipment)
  • journalism and literary (articles, newsletters, magazines, non-fiction, various publishing projects)
  • software localisation and e-learning
  • fashion and cosmetics
  • travel

Adequate IT support

IT support consists of the CAT (Computer Aided Translation) programmes most commonly used in the technical and specialised translation sector (Trados Studio, Across, Transit, Wordfast, Idiom, Workspace, MemoQ, Passolo), to guarantee effective project management with a complete, uniform, and permanent translation memory. Other forms of IT support include telecommunications and data exchange platforms (online servers, e-mail, Skype), which enable the translation team to update data and communicate in real time, each from his or her own office, thereby drastically cutting fixed costs and increasing flexibility.

Extensive experience

Each member of the team has been working as a professional translator for more than fifteen years. During this time, they have collaborated with leading translation agencies and publishing companies, completing projects for some of the most important firms on today's market (for example, Canon, Siemens, Oral B, Coca-Cola, Newton&Compton).

A special target: Switzerland

The team are the ideal partner for translation projects of agencies and companies located in Switzerland.

Indeed, the team is specialised in the three official languages of Switzerland, German, French, and Italian. Well aware that different types of texts, from commercial to administrative, from technical to marketing, must be drafted in all three of the languages mentioned, the team believe they are the ideal choice for the management of multi-lingual projects, and more, for Swiss clients.

Moreover, two members of the team are in contact with Switzerland daily, as they have been working with Swiss translation agencies for more than ten years and boast consolidated experience with Swiss businesses, having translated a portfolio of highly diversified texts.

other services

Optimisation and supplementary services:
contact with native speakers


The team also maintain contacts with a small team of professional translators who are native speakers of, English, German, and French. These professionals collaborate regularly with the team, providing consultations and keeping up a lively exchange of information, with a view to optimising translation and revision services. As the team members all reside in Italy, they are capable of maintaining first-hand contact with the language, whether spoken or written, that they translate.

Supplementary Services.

The team would be pleased to take into consideration any requests for translations from Italian into German, English, and French , given the opportunity to analyse the project, followed by a discussion and approval of the project with the client and with the mother-tongue professionals who collaborate regularly with the team.




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